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OKHomeseller Customer Testimonials

(These are just some of our happy customers,
2926  homes and properties Sold since June 2002)

Subjects have been removed and the house is sold.
Thank you for your listing service, it is a great help. You provide many useful tips for sellers and buyers.
I am using OKHomeseller to find my next place. You have an easy to use site which is well laid out and helpful in searching by region or other categories.
Thank you,

Andrew Klassen

Hi Craig,
Please remove my house from your listings as I had an accepted offer within two weeks of it getting listed on OKHomeseller and MLS. Subjects were finally removed today so it's officially sold!

Thank you for all your help.

Kathleen Slater

Hi Craig,
I would like you to know that we FINALLY sold our house!!!!
I greatly appreciated the fact that you relisted our house at no charge.  That was a great surprise.
Once again, thank you for you service and I will be recommending you to everyone that will listen, as usual.

Dave Kassam

Hi Craig
We have sold our house.  The buyer found our ad on your website and the rest is history!!  Would you please change our listing to SOLD.  Thanks for everything.
We will be dropping the sign off in the next little while.

Reg & Tammy Reimer
Burton, BC

You can mark my house "SOLD", You provide a good service.
I did better than if I had used a realtor, the buyer also got a much better deal.

Albert Klettke

Hi again,
We sold on our own, with help from your website!  Thank you so much.  (It was so nice to not involve real estate agents.)  We are very pleased with your website and I'm impressed at how quick you are to respond to our requests when it came to modifying the ad.
Thank you,

Deanna Fookes

Hi Craig
We sold our house on Mt. Bulman two days after listing last week, removed conditions today, you can mark listing SOLD.
They found it on your site, I'm impressed.

Bryan Banerd

So after only 3 weeks of listing, our house is SOLD!  So you can take the listing off the site now.  We are thrilled and we thank you OKhomeseller!

Shannon and Jared Hetherington

Hi Craig,
Well it's happened our home has sold and all subjects have been removed.
Thanks for your service and help.  That means that we bought and sold through OKHomeseller.com.  You can be sure that we have told lots of people this.  We had eight viewings in the first six weeks and that's more than we had in six months on MLS last year.

Beth and Gordon Betty
Blind Bay

Just to let you know we 'sold' our place so you can put sold beside the add.  It took a bit of time, but it worked.
Thanks for your help, that add, photos were beautiful and the sign worked excellent.  Very Professional.

Graham and Barb Jacklin

Hi Craig and Jim
Our house is sold!   It actually sold in a week, and the final subject has been removed.
Thank you so much for the great website.  We never knew it would be this easy.

Barb & Mike Stevens

My property is technically sold, all papers signed and closing on the 15th.
Please show it as sold, if something should go wrong on the close date I will let you know to change the listing to "for sale" again.
You will be pleased to know that I was actually listed with an agent for six months and unable to sell.  But I ended up with two buyers with my listing with OKHomesellers.
Thanks loads!

Marny Schaible

Hi, the subjects are now off the sale of our property.  Please, put "Sold" on our ad on the internet.  Thank you so much for everything, I will certainly recommend your company to anyone looking to sell, rather than going through real estate.   Our sign is just like new, only up 7 days.

Gord and Myrna Hart

Hi Craig - We have officially sold our house - the subjects have all been removed as of today!  We had 2 offers (good offers) within 10 days of listing it.
Thanks for listing it for us.

Beth Boyd

Just wanted to let you know that our house just sold through okhomeseller.com so our ad can be dropped from the listing.  Your site was very helpful.
Thanking you.

Bob Hardy

WE HAVE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!   Yup it's a done deal and we thank you for your advertising + Pic's....    You can now list it as sold we greatly appreciate your service!

Chris + Allison Cuddy

Hi Craig
Can you please put SOLD beside our listing.
Thanks to both you and Jim for always promptly responding to our requests to make changes to our listing.  We will certainly suggest your service to others who are interested in selling their home on their own.
Thanks again.

Susan and Les Butler

Hi - my house has SOLD!! and the funds transferred late yesterday afternoon.  I want to thank you for your excellent website.  It was a long haul in this market but your site is what sold it.  Once again thank you so much for your website - so much better than the MLS.
Take care,

Cathy and Garry Laursen

We finally sold our home! and yes by your site.  We also had it listed with a realtor but we received way more showings through Okhomesellers - at least 3:1.
In the future I would never list with realtors again... all they do is pick out the negative to get you to drop your price and fear monger!
Thank you for your patience and all of our changes.

Sally Swan

Would you please mark our listing as SOLD.
For the second time in less than a year our family has had success through your website, receiving offers in the first 30 days of the listings.  Your service is great and so are the results.

June Stewart

Dear Jim,
I am happy to let you know that my home is now officially *SOLD*!!  All subjects were lifted today.  The buyers found my house for sale on the OK Homeseller site.
My father helped me show and sell the house.  We did try listing with an agent, but we ended up using OKHomeseller to sell it ourselves and as a result, I saved at least $14,000.00 in real estate commissions.  If a home is priced right, potential buyers WILL be interested and will flock to your door, real estate agent or no real estate agent.
When I listed with a real estate agent, I received an offer that was low and taking in account the real estate commissions I would have to pay, I decided against accepting the low offer and we decided to use OK Homeseller to try to sell the house ourselves.  Selling on our own, we ended up with four different offers, saved $14,000 in commission, and sold for 99% of our asking price!
We had a 48 hour clause on one accepted offer to enable us to accept another offer should one come in… and with OK Homeseller, it wasn’t long before another one did!  The first buyers needed to sell their property before conditions could be lifted (they chose to list with a real estate agent and had no action), but with the 48 hour clause we put in their "Offer to Purchase" (in the event another buyer came along), we were able to sell the house to another party in the most efficient timeframe possible.  (We were able to download Real Estate forms from your site.)
*A Note to First-Time Home Buyers*: If you are working with a real estate agent and you see a “For Sale By Owner” home that you are interested in on the OKHomeseller site, keep in mind that you do *NOT* need a real estate agent to fill out an "Offer to Purchase" form on your behalf on a private sale!
The people who purchased our home were first-time buyers and we let them know that all that was necessary was that they take the completed and signed "Offer to Purchase" form down to their lawyer for his approval.  In their offer, they asked for a home inspection and the conditions were lifted once everything was approved.  It is not difficult to complete a real estate transaction through a private sale and you do not need a real estate agent to do this.  Your lawyer’s approval is all you need.
And for the Sellers, there is absolutely no need to have a real estate agent write up an Offer to Purchase “for a small commission”.  (We actually had an agent offer his services in this regard).  The form is very easy to complete yourself and the whole point of selling your home yourself is to save money on real estate commissions.
We have nothing but good things to say about OK Homeseller and would highly recommend your service to anyone.  With so many people on the internet these days, the exposure is phenomenal.  Not only did we receive multiple offers, we also found your business to be very professional and efficient. Anytime we needed to make changes to our listing, we always knew that you were there to get it done ASAP, whether it was inserting Open House dates or changing the subject heading of our listing if we wanted you to.  You always followed our instructions to a “T” and we were very pleased with the layout.  I always appreciated your patience, efficiency and prompt service.
In closing, we are very pleased to now be in a position to ask you to make one final change for us – to mark our OK Homeseller listing as *SOLD*!!
My Dad and I are very happy with your business and we want people to be aware that listing a private real estate sale through OK Homeseller WORKS*!!

Deb Rouire and Gerry Shott
Lake Country

Hi Jim,
Just a note to let you know that we had a buyer for our house in less than three weeks.  They just removed all subjects today so it is officially SOLD!
You did a great job for us and we had lots of calls on our house. Could have sold it several times.  We saved a bundle on real estate fees.
Thanks so much.

Clint and Janet Heigh

Dear OKHomeseller
Please mark our house as SOLD !!
All subjects have been removed. What a great way to sell property, I will recommend OKHomesellers to everyone.

Kevin Conway

Hola Craig;
We listed with a realtor and got NO ACTION in 2 months so we listed on your site and SOLD the property to the first family that looked at it!
We also SOLD on your site with our last listing with you.
You have a great site...
Best Regards,

Doris Ritchey

Hello Jim
The house is sold.
It actually sold in 6 days from when it was posted.  I wanted to wait until the subjects were officially signed off which was yesterday.
I am thrilled as I got close to asking price and the buyer saw it on the website in Houston, Texas !
I would be very happy to post a reference for you.
I have told everyone about your service.  The photos were awesome, the sign is professional looking and the website is fast and ergonomic.
You guys rock.

Gail Robert

Hi Craig and Mary,
I am happy to tell you that our listing can be updated to read "SOLD".  We are very pleased with our service from you and our whole OK Homeseller experience.  Morton did a fantastic job on the pictures and I am certain that investing in that package is what did the trick.  We could not be more pleased.  Thank you for all your assistance.
Yours very sincerely,

Keri-Ann Baggett & Frank Austin

Dear Mary & Craig;
We'd like to let you know that all of our lots are sold now.  Thank you very much for your services.
We are very pleased at how fast we were able to sell all six of our lots.  Your website is awesome and we will definitely use it again in the future.
Thanks again,

Kathy and Peter Kretowicz

Hi Craig,
Just wanted to let you know that all of our conditions have come off today and we have sold our condo.  We have put the "sold" sticker on our sign, and knew that you would need to do the same online.  Thanks for the great service, we will definitely use you guys again (but hopefully not for awhile... we're ready to settle down:)

David Helm

Hey Jim,
Sold the house!  It sold within 6 days of listing it with OKHomeseller.
You can put the sold sign on the web site.
Thanks for the great photos and the great service!

Moira Drosdovech

Thank you so much Craig.  Not only did we sell our place within the first few days of the listing we got 100% of listed price and we did not pay any commission.  I never knew this was going to be so easy.
Thank you again.

Shinder and Santokh Klair

Hello!  We have sold our house with all the subjects to's off as of yesterday.  The buyers found our home through OK Homeseller.  Thank you so much for that great service.

Brian and Sarah Westgate

Hi Craig,
Just wanted to let you know that we have sold our house.  Thanks so much for everything.  Will definitely recommend you to others and if we ever sell again in the future will for sure use okhomesellers.
Thanks again,

Kim and Curtis Wiens

Our Condo on Browne Rd is now SOLD.
Conditions removed yesterday and the signs are down.
Thank you so much OK Homeseller, this is the best service!

The Corbetts

Hi Craig:
Great News!! Our home needs a SOLD sign by it.
Thank you and the staff for the great pictures and all the quick responses to our e-mails.

Leo & Kathy Allegretto

Hello again Craig!
I am pleased to tell you that we have sold our home using your service. Please flip up the 'sold' tab.
We had a lot of interest and it is obvious to us that the world of real estate sales is changing. There are a lot more buyers out there looking online and working for themselves.
We read your information for vendors carefully especially the parts regarding the need to price properly and to make an effort advertising in the local papers and referring to the OKHomeseller site in the ads.
Thank you for all your great work. You were right on the job every time we asked for a change to the listing.
Please let us know how to return your sign. We note there are more and more of them showing up here in Kamloops!
Thanks again. This is a Great Idea!

Andy and Bev Moffat

Hi, please mark our house as sold on your website.
The response we received was great and the house actually sold in one week, the "subject to"s were removed today.
Thanks very much.  Diana took the pictures and they came out better than anything I have ever seen a realtor take.  Now I think our neighbor is also listing with you.

Diane Holland

Good morning,
We are pleased to report that our home in Salmon Arm is SOLD!
Please place the SOLD sign on the website.
Thank you very much.

Wayne and Linda Spencer
Salmon Arm

We wish to inform you that we have sold our house!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!
We had our first serious offer within a week of listing and the deal was finalized last night.
We want to thank you for the great photos you took of the house and the speedy attention to our request to list on your web site.  We will be "highly" recommending your services to anyone whom asks us about our *"for sale by owner"* experience.

Sarah & Michael Pennington

Hi Craig,
Just wanted to let you know that our house has sold.   The sale has already completed - we didn't want to tell you until it was final.
Thank-you for the service you provide - we will definitely pass you on to others!
Thanks and have a great day!

Kathy and Tony Orioli
OK Falls

Your fantastic website is a huge success!!
My house has sold, thank you.

Lois Ruff

Hi Craig!
Just wanted to let you know that our house is *SOLD*~ yay!  It sold in one week for the full asking price to an awesome couple and we couldn't be happier.  We had a tonne of interest and found using OKHomeseller easy and enjoyable.  We will certainly be back next time we make a move and we are telling everyone we come across that OKHomeseller is the way to go!
Thanks for your great service!

R & G Chippendale

Hi there,
We have the above listing with you folks.  As of today we have an offer with all the subjects removed.  Thank you.  We had an excellent response from our advertisement on your website and appreciate the service we received.

Tom Love

Thank-you for your wonderful service.  We have sold our property.  We were able to sell with out the aide of a realtor.  In fact, we put the house up on the Monday and by Saturday it was sold.  We waited to put sold on the listing until the subjects came off.
Your site is awesome.

Shauna and Ryan Murdain

I wanted to inform you that my house has sold.  Thank you very much for your wonderful website.  I had a lot of response, not only from people driving by and seeing the sign, but also from people searching via the internet.  I also received comments about the good quality of the pictures.
Thank you again for helping me to sell my home.  It was so easy.  I have already recommended your services to one person and will not hesitate to mention it to others.

Cindy Bondaroff

Please change our status to "SOLD" on the listing.
We had a really wonderful response from having it listed with you, it's been a good experience.
Thank you

John and Jean Kearney

We sold our house in a week and all subjects are removed now, you can mark it as "sold".
Thank you.

Valerie McConkey

Hi Craig;
Just a quick note to advise that my townhome has been sold, within one week of the listing being posted on your website, and at my full list price.  Thanks very much for your service, as the property was sold much more quickly, and at a higher price, than I had anticipated.
Thanks again.

Tim Caron

Hello Craig.
Our home is now sold after only two weeks listing on your website.
Thank you for your help with all the information and advertising.
Kind regards

Dieter and Christine Albert

Hi Craig,
The subjects on the sale of our home have now been removed.  The couple that bought our home are from Alberta and they were able to view photos and listing information on-line.  This was instrumental in leading to the final sale.  Thanks for your great service.

Adrian and Marlene Wall

Hi OKHomeseller,
Success!!! All subjects have been satisfied.
Please mark my listing as SOLD!! To a very nice couple.
The buyer did come through the Okhomeseller site.

Ross & Liz Burkinshaw

Good morning.
Tania and I wish to advise you that we sold our home yesterday stemming from advertising with your service.  We got full asking price and are sold on the FSBO idea now.
Thanks for the great service and have a great day.

Todd Bowden

Hi Mary & Craig,
I just want to tell you that we sold our home in Kamloops.  We thank you very much for your excellent service.  Very prompt and efficient.  I am recommending this service to everyone I know.  Once again Thank You.

Mike & Michele Fedechko

Just would like to let you know our place is now sold after only one day listing on your website.
We are very impressed with the results and would use it again as well as recommend it to anyone to give it a try, the price is reasonable.
The pictures were also great!

Ken & Deb Asselstine

Hi Craig,
I just wanted to let you know that we have removed subjects from the sale of the house on Dominion Street.  The couple that purchased it found it on OKhomeseller.com.

Mike Mori

We have sold our house in Lumby.  Thank you for the exposure.  Please revise the ad to sold.  We hope to be using you again for another ad.
Thanks for the fine service.

Jake and Mary Spoor

Hi There
We have sold our house thanks to OK homeseller.  All the subjects have been removed.  Please make that note on the website.

Kim and Cory Hill

With a good price and your service along with great photos......my property has been SOLD!
Thanks for your help.

Teri Paul

Hello Craig,
I have now SOLD this property.
I am so impressed with the exposure and results from using your service.  I would recommend you to anyone who wants to save paying real estate commissions.  My partner bought her home from looking through OKHomeseller.com and now I have sold my property through your site and the exposure it offered.
My sincere gratitude to you and Mary and good luck to you in the future.

Chris Saunders
Silver Star Mountain Resort

Hello, we are pleased to inform you that we have sold our house.  Could you please put sold on our listing.  Thank you very much for your services.  The website listing directly contributed to the sale of our property.

Dwayne Burdeniuk

Please mark our property sold.  Your photo spread was outstanding and played a big role in the sale of our home.

Rick and Lynda Chester

Just to let you know we have accepted an offer on this house so you can list it as *_sold._*
OK Homeseller did the job!

Bev Dahl

Please mark our listing sold, transaction took place a few days ago.
We got the offer in 4 days of listing. This is the second time using Okhomeseller, the first time it took only 3 days. Thanks for providing a great service.

Rob Remple

I have sold my home; please indicate so on the list.
Thanks for all your help, it was a great advertiser.
I did not use any other means of advertising, it worked very well!

Marianne Perez

Hi Craig and Mary,
Great news we sold our mobile home this weekend. Thank you for providing us with a service which allowed us to save money on real estate fees.

Erin Grimm

The subjects on the sale of the unit have now been removed. Thanks! I was amazed at how quickly the unit went. I had 2 solid offers within days of the listing being posted. The photos were amazing. Please Thank Diana, the lady who took the photos, for me.

Jody Drope

Hi Craig;
I have sold my house.  I think everyone should try selling their own homes, I enjoyed it, it was fun and I met some really nice people.  I'd do it again in a minute.  Thank You very much for everything you did for me and for the great pictures on the internet.

Evelyn Dunlop

Hi Craig, we sold our place on Blue Jay Road for 98% of the asking price in under two weeks.
Can you put sold on our listing.
Thanks again, your site saved us over 10K in fees.

Dave and Conni Hayward

Just to let you know we sold our house in Black Mountain!!
Thank you for listing our properties.  You have a great website and excellent customer service.  We would be happy to write a testimonial for your company since we bought and sold 2 properties on OKHomeseller.

Pam & Grant Mayor

We have already sold it was on the site for 9 days when we got an offer of 99.% of our asking price with the subjects removed in two days.
Great Job !!!!!!!Thanks

Ellen & Terry Meyer

Thank you for your service.  Our home in Grand Forks is SOLD!
We are sooo happy that we decided to try selling our home on our own; we just put a nice chunk of cash (that we saved on the commission) in our own pockets!  Thanks for your assistance with the advertising and suggestions.
Much appreciated.

Barb and Dave Schipfel
Grand Forks

You can put a SOLD sign on our listing.  It's the 33.6 acre farm in Falkland.  We don't mind you adding this to you testimonials as we had a lot of response with several interested buyers and sold in a few months.  I've always maintained that a property sells itself and needs only to be exposed to buyers.  In the past realtors had a closed market in that regard but with the advent of the internet and sites like yours that has all changed.  Why pay tens of thousands of dollars to real estate companies when you can easily do it yourself?

I would strongly suggest that people at least give it a try, if it's priced right it will sell and you can realize the commission savings to use for youself.  We will definitely use your site again the next time we sell any property in the Okanagan.
Thanks Again,

Bill Bissonette

Hi Craig!
Our house sold in under 3 weeks and we were able do so without listing with a realtor!  OKHomeseller gave us great exposure and made selling our home so easy!
You can use us on your testimonials page,
Thanks again,

Geoff and Kristin Bates

Hi Craig.  We just wanted to let you know that we sold our house today, so you can put a sold on our ad.
Thanks for the service, it really worked for us.

Glenn and Deanna Mutter
Salmon Arm

Hi Craig, Mary & Jim
Our house SOLD on Saturday just 3 days after it came on your website listing so we would like to thank you all very much for the great job you did on the website and thanks to Jim for the great pictures.
You did a good job and we appreciate and thank you for all the money we saved by selling our home through OKhomeseller. We certainly will recommend you to friends and relatives.
Thanks again for a job well done.

Gord & Vi Falkowsky

Hi Craig!
I just want to let you know that we've sold our cabin at Mara Lake!!  That was too easy!  Your site worked so well for us!  We'd like to say thanks so much for saving us thousands on real estate fees!
Your site is definitely the way to go.  We really appreciate the professional way you handled our application and especially how quickly you got our ad online after we first talked.  It's a great way to sell and we'll keep you guys in mind for any future sales we may have.
Thanks again!

Leslie Bowness
Mara Lake

I thought I should write to let you know that our house has sold.
There was huge interest and we got our full price.  Thank you so much for supplying us with such a GREAT site to sell our home.  We are currently looking for a home in the Fraser Valley, and have not found anything even close to Okhomesellers.
Thanks again.

Patrick & Angelina Gibson

My house is sold and went to a very nice couple from Holland.  They saw it on the web site over there, called me, came for a visit and VOILA, SOLD.  No problem dealing with out of country buyers.  They are happy as am I.  Realtors eat your heart out at the money you lost!

Gwen Adamson

Dear Craig
Just wanted to let you know that our house sold.   We got our asking price and the deal was completed today.
All the i's dotted and the t's crossed.
We had a great response to the site and had calls, e-mails or someone to view every day.
Thank you for your service.

Don and Marielle Hayes

Just thought I would let you know that our Condo has sold. Yeah!
We have had a fair bit of interest, it sold at it’s asking price.
Thank you so much for your help.
This is a great service that you are providing!

Anne Johnson

I am writing to inform you that we have sold our home, and the subjects were just removed today.  We sold it for our asking price in only 16 days.  We didn't use a realtor so we saved $13,000.00!!!
Thank you,

Helen and Sean Phelan

I thought I would just let you know how successful my listing went with your company.  My listing was active for less than a month.  A couple from England went to your site and found my listing, e-mailed me that they would be here to view the property within a week!  They arrived, they viewed and LOVED the property and bought it for the full asking price.
Your site works and works well - thankyou.

Pat Illingby

Hi, Craig.
Just a note we successfully sold our home, with all subject-tos removed.  Thank you once again for the help your service provided - the sale came through you.  And of course, we saved much moola on real estate fees.
Kindly list our home as sold at your earliest convenience.

Dan Baskill

Just wanted to let you know the completion date was today.  It sold within two weeks of listing on OKhomesellers, money well spent on advertising - thank you.

Karen Gillham

Could you please mark our listing as SOLD!  All the subjects were removed today.  Thanks for making this such a swift and easy process.  We¹ve had more calls than we could handle.  We will certainly consider using okhomeseller again in the future.

Kenny Toews

Hi Mary!
Please switch my listing to SOLD! Subjects were removed today!  Great exposure -- thank you.  It was only on the market for 14 days!

Dawnalee Ebanks

Hi Craig:
You can now list our home as SOLD - the subjects were removed today.  We received the offer on our home within 2 days of listing on your website, the buyers are from overseas.  We also had buyers waiting if the subjects were not removed.  We received A LOT of interest from outside of the Okanagan area - we were somewhat taken aback by the responses generated from your website.
Thanks to you for offering this service - WE SAVED SO MUCH MONEY!!  We would do this again without a second thought.  Thanks also to Cliff for the pictures - we could have taken them ourselves but thought we'd leave it to the professional - he did a great job and was great to deal with.
We would recommend this listing service to anyone who is interested in selling/showcasing their home. 
Great Job - a sincere THANK YOU!

Paddy and Ken Juniper

Hi, I just wanted to let you know our home is officially sold.  It took 2 whole days.  Thank-you you saved us a bunch of money.

Jim and Nancy Lewis

We just sold our home after only 5 days!  Thank you so much for your excellent service.  This is the second home we have quickly sold through your site.  It is obvious that most buyers today check the internet for listings and your site is the best real estate site in the Okanagan.

Vivian Morris
Salmon Arm

We are pleased to announce that our house has sold.  We had an offer 1 week after we listed subject to the purchasers selling their house.  Their house has now sold.
We would use this website for selling a home again.  We were very pleased with the response.  The photographer also did an excellent job of showing the house to its best advantage.
Thank you for offering this service at a very reasonable price.

Jo and Dave Shaw

Please change our listing to sold!  The subjects were removed today and we have a very happy buyer.  We never dreamed it was this easy selling your own home.  Thanks for the wonderful website!

Karl and Dianna Churchill

Hi Craig, just wanted to let you know that our view lot in Peachland is sold.  What a great website, it was only on the market just over a week when it sold.  We wanted to make sure the deal was final before we took it off, but it's a done deal, so thank you so much.

Ray & Marge Accarias

Hi Craig,
Our home on Rose Valley Rd is now sold and the listing should be marked as such.  Thanks for your service.  The buyers found the listing on your site the day after it was active.

Bruce Larratt

Craig and Mary.
We have sold our home.  Thanks for the great service, we are certainly recommending you to others.
Best Regards

Cecil and Dale McCrea

Hi Craig, just a note to let you know that our house has sold!  What a fabulous website!  Our house sold in five days without doing any other advertising.  The pictures that Cliff took were awesome!  I would highly recommend this website to anyone who is considering buying or selling a home!
Thanks again!

Allan and Zelly Boyce

Hi Craig, we just sold our home on Invermere Rd. in Kelowna.  Please list it sold.  This is the second house I've sold on your website.  Thanks!

Ben and Marianne Derksen

Before moving to the interior, I was a realtor for 11 years in the lower mainland.  For Sale By Owners were few and far between; most of them eventually listed with a realtor to sell their home.  To my surprise, here in Salmon Arm the FSBO market is booming and very successful.  We're thrilled to have sold our home ourselves and would do it again in an instant.
I would say the key to our success was the internet exposure through OKHomeseller.  It seems everyone looking for homes these days checks both the MLS and OKHomeseller websites.  We certainly did... we even found our next home from OKHomeseller.
I'm glad I'm not a local realtor, you'd be tough competition.  I'd recommend your service to our friends & relatives but I think everyone's already convinced.

Rob Hislop
Salmon Arm

Hello Okhomeseller,
Just a quick note to let you know that the condo has sold.  Could you please indicate that on the site?
Thank you very much.
PS. It only took 4 days to sell!

Tony & Kirsten Roodzant

Hi Craig:
Our home sold in 11 days on Okhomeseller.com.  We had it on with the realtors last year for 4 months and this year for 2 months.
The subjects were released today and you can mark our listing sold.
Thanks for everything.

David & Ellen Wood

Great news...we're sold!  Only 3 weeks!  Please mark as sold when you can!  Thanks again!

Cindy & Scott Switzer

Our house has sold.
I want to thank you because the inquiry came in one day after we listed on your site.  I wanted to wait until all the paperwork was signed prior to removing it from your site.  Paperwork is to be signed today.
I have recommended your site to all my friends!!!
Thank you.

Debbie Ranger

Hi Craig.  You can put sold on my listing.  Thanks for all you help getting the photos improved.  Glad your service was here and easy to use.  I have recommended it to others already.
Thanks again.

Janet Mason

Hi Craig:
Could you please change our listing to "sold".  The transfer was finalized today.  We got lots of calls and ended up getting a little more than the listed price.
Thanks for your service.

Charlie Christie

Our listing has been sold as of March 31, 2005.  We were able to sell on our own without a realtor and we got our price.  We are currently in Japan and would like you to mark our listing "sold".
We are very pleased with the response we have had on listing with okhomesellers.

Ben and Judy Hoy

Good news, we have sold!!
Please indicate this on our listing.  Thanks for your great site, we have had many compliments on the ad and your site is seen very favourably by all.
Again, thank you for providing okhomeseller, a great place to advertise.

Tom and Melanie Posadovsky

Hi Craig,
Could you please mark our listing as SOLD.  This is our second time using your service and it has produced excellent results both times.

Mike Lane

Sold our home on Saturday thanks to your service.  You can do your usual 'SOLD' thing for a while if you wish.  Thanks again and we will definitely recommend okhomeseller.com to anybody trying to sell their home.

Kevin & Tracy Potter
Salmon Arm

Hi Craig - Our place sold as a result of your listing, so again, thanks for providing such a great service.  Now you can hang a sold sign on the listing!

Colin Baxter

It gives me great pleasure to advise that you should now post the word "SOLD" on the status column of our listing.
.... and thanks for your exemplary service!

Glenn Bradley

Hello Craig or Mary
We would like to inform you our home and acreage has SOLD!  Hats off to both of you for coming up with such a great service idea.  I will surely pass along to friends how easy it is to sell online.
thanks again,

Terry Davies
Salmon Arm

Thank you for providing a great service.  My house sold in less than 2 weeks.  Okhomeseller was outstanding - from my initial inquiries to the professional photographs through the fine tuning of the listing, the service was prompt and professional.
I do not hesitate in saying this is a great way to market your property - it gets results.

Paul Toovey

We have listed 3 properties on your website and sold 2 of them within the first month.  What we liked particularly about this marketing vehicle is the ability of prospects to get a good look at the property without actually having to physically visit your home.  Prospects can pre-qualify themselves and only the ones that are truly interested will want a tour, and when they arrive there are few surprises.  P.S. Your signage system is very reasonable and works great, the sign certainly drove a lot of virtual traffic to our properties.  OK Homeseller.com saved us oodles of commission $$ … we will not hesitate to use your site again.

Norm Metcalf

Thank you for your help.  My house is now sold, will recommend u.
thanx again

Ron Berthelette

Please mark this as SOLD and remove from the listings.
It didn't take more than a month and a half.  We were very impressed with the service level you gave us right from the beginning.  Even making changes was quick and easy.  Thank you for great results.  When we saw the counter get over 1,000 views we knew it was going to sell soon.

Ken & Marilyn Danchuk

Hi Craig -
You can now remove my listing from your website, as my house sold today!  Thank you very much for being so prompt and accommodating with the listing updates that I emailed you.  I was impressed with the service and the product you represent.

Diane Bertram

Our house has sold.
Thanks for the use of your service.  We were very impressed with the response we got.

Mary Collinson

Just wanted to let you know that our home is now sold.  Subjects came off today so looks like all is a go ahead.  Thank you so much for your service!  We will be recommending you to anyone we know that may be selling their property.

Rebecca Clyburn
Salmon Arm

ps. My brother and sister-in law sold their place thru you, my in-laws sold their house in Mexico thru you and our next door neighbors sold their place thru you too!!

Please change my listing to "SOLD" for property on South Vernon Drive.  Thanks for your wonderful service it was well worth it.

Jeannie Coles

The building lot in Meighan Creek Estates has now been SOLD.
Thank you for assistance in this matter.  I must say the process has been enjoyable with your expertise and guidance.

Ed Elliott

Hi Craig
Our house is sold, subjects were removed yesterday.  Thank you for your great service and we will highly recommend your service to others.

Brian & Denise Blair
Salmon Arm

Hello Craig:
Wonderful news.....Today we received confirmation that our house is sold!  Thanks to your wonderful site with pictures etc. a couple from Edmonton Alberta went on-line and discovered our home.  They were sold just from the advertisement on-line on your web site.  They e-mailed us for an appointment and came and looked at it and bought it.  Thank you for having OKhomeseller.com.  I believe we listed it with you around June 15th, 2004.  It took less than two months to sell on your site.  A realtor had it listed for 3 months previous to that.
Please mark it SOLD!
It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Doris and Merv Ritchey

We are pleased to let you know our property has sold.  Thank you for your services, as we are sure we have saved thousands over using a realtor.

Thanks again!
Craig and Marla Turner
Salmon Arm

Hi .... I have good news!  We have sold our home and the purchaser found the listing on the OKhomeseller website.  So, the subjects are off and it is a done deal.  Thank you and please put "SOLD" on our listing.

Ray Morrison

Hi Craig,
WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!   Thanks for all your help, please mark on website as sold.

Jeanne Arcand

Ok homesellers provided us with the exposure we needed to sell our home quickly.  The service was professional and accessible!

Leigha Horsfield

Hello Craig,
Thank you so much for your great work in taking the pictures of my home and the nice description, but mostly I appreciated your fast response for my required changes.  My house has sold in just 4 weeks to someone who has seen it on the internet.
I will recommend you without a doubt.
Thank you again for a job well done.

Rose Brenner

Hi Craig;
Just wanted to let you know that the subjects have just been removed and our home has sold!  Had 3 offers within the first 7 days!  This experience has been an enjoyable one - thanks to the wonderful tips you gave and the great photos and website!  I can now relax and hopefully the real estate agents will stop calling to tell me why I should be using them!
Thanks once again.

Theresa Korobanik

Just writing in regards to our listing in Mara, the property has now been sold if you want to put that on it so people don't keep enquiring, thank you very much the site works very well.

Sandie Boothman

We are happy to announce that our home has sold.  Our listing on Mountain View Avenue in Lumby, is no longer up for grabs!  Just to let you know, we've thoroughly enjoyed selling our home this way.  As we were in no hurry to sell, we did no additional advertising other than having our home listed on the Internet.  It was very easy and we'll never go through a realtor again.  We've been telling everyone that okhomesellers is an awesome way to sell your home!

Regards, Nicole Jefferies

Once again thanks for your awesome and very professional service.  Your website presentation of our house was superb.  The activity created by your site was more than one could ask for.  Our house sold in two weeks.

Roger and Myrna Watson
Lake Country

Can you please mark our suite as SOLD.  For your statistic purposes we signed the deal on Saturday but wanted to wait until all subjects were removed today before marking the place SOLD.  Thanks for your excellent services.

Mike and Chere Lane

OK Homesellers sold our waterfront home in approximately 6 weeks where a realtor couldn't even get an offer in 9 months!  The best part is that we raised the price by $50,000 and sold almost at full price and NO realty fees!  Another saving of over $20,000!
Thank you, thank you,

Nico van der Pauw

To anyone thinking of using okhomeseller.com to sell your house .... sign up now!  We had calls from Vernon, Kelowna, Vancouver and Alberta.  We wrote a deal twenty four hours after listing the house on this site.  I STRONGLY recommend this site to anyone who wants to sell their house themselves.

Mike McCurrach

We sold the house today so please note that on the listing.   Thank you very much, the response we've had from this website has been incredible!!  Thanks again!

Kelly and Gord Hutchison

Hi, Craig. Great news.  We have accepted an offer and signed a contract of purchase for our home.  It went fast.  You put it on the net on Wednesday morning and the offer was made on Saturday.  We are thrilled.  Cliff did an awesome job of the digital photos, by the way.  He took lots of shots and the write-up was excellent.
We enjoyed doing business with you and it sure is cheaper than a realtor!!

Sandi and David Simpson

Please change this listing to sold.  We would also like to compliment you on your service, as 90% of calls came from Ok homesellers.  It was also a pleasure to deal with your company and we appreciated your prompt response to our requests.
Thank You

Dave & Joan Woodrow

Hi!  My home is sold.  I had so many calls and so many offers!  It took 6 weeks for the couple who bought my home to remove the subjects, but it has been completed today.  Please put a sold sign on my listing.
Thank you very much. In future I would not sell any other way.

Elaine Greer

I recently sold my home via OKhomeseller and would like to share my positive experience with others.
Firstly I think the price is right!  Within the first week of having it listed on the internet I saw much more value for my money than the traditional methods of selling a home.
Craig did a wonderful job of taking really nice pictures and describing unique features of the home beside each one.  He described things that may have been on the other side of the wall that you can't see in the picture but that were of importance to mention.
It was also very nice to have the flexibility to book my own appointments and answer any questions potential buyers may have about my home.  I think I know my house better than anyone else and am therefore probably the best one to show it as well.
It would appear that lots of people are finding OKhomeseller on the internet as I had lots of inquiries.
Thank you Craig for making my home selling experience enjoyable!

Tanja Carlson
Salmon Arm

We have sold our home.  We have had many calls and found your site to be top notch.  If you could mark our listing as sold we would appreciate it.

Will and Simone Stanton

We put our condo in OKHomeseller.com on Friday and on Monday we had an offer.  By the following Friday we closed the deal!  Sold!

Arwen & William Randy Barr

Hi Craig,
Sold my house... hurrah!!!  Thanks for the service.

Karen Walsh

Craig would you please mark our listing as sold.  This is a great way to advertise and a great savings.  We got our asking price.  Thanks again.

Yvonne & Ben Cunliffe
Blind Bay/Sorrento

Home Sold!!!  Thanks a bunch - (actually sold on second viewing - took some time for subject removal).

Dave Holton

Just wanted to let you know that our townhouse has sold.  Thanks for your help and website.
Take Care,

Al Aeckersberg

Hello Craig. I left you a telephone message but thought I would follow up with this e-mail.  Our home sold ( actually it sold within two days) but there were a number of subject to's.  The subject to's have basically been removed and now I would appreciate if you would put a SOLD notice on your site.  We are still getting quite a few telephone calls and e-mail messages so the sooner the better.  Also, if you could keep our ad on your site for a few weeks yet, that would be appreciated.

Ken Belik

I was actually quite thrilled.  I had a number of out of town, out of province, and out of country calls.  In the end it was a local person who bought it, but it was still quite the experience having these far away people interested in purchasing my place.  It was also neat seeing the advertisements on the T.V. -- I didn't know that was part of the package and was quite impressed to have television coverage on the website as well.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience.  Thank you again!

Serena Moody

Craig and Mary,
Thank you for your excellent web site.  Your service was incredibly efficient and professional.  14 days - 16 showings - SOLD!  What else can be said.

Ken and Theresa James

Hi Craig and Mary,
We would like to thank you for the exceptional service.  We had interest from as far away as Ontario and Manitoba, ultimately a local couple purchased our home.  This was our first time selling our home for-sale-by-owner and we were very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to use your services again.  If one is prepared to make an effort to sell their property and follow some of the tips posted on your website, the whole process need not be as stressful or as difficult as it is sometimes made out to be.  Your service is second to none.
Once again, many thanks,

Cliff and Fabienne Winter

My home sold in five days!  Why?  It was priced at current market value, not higher.  The pictures were done professionally and the descriptions were accurate.  The outdoor signs immediately pulled additional potential buyers.
Thanks again,

Rob Cividino

Dear Craig
I am happy to tell you that our property, le Chateau du Lac Estate, has now been sold with the sale being agreed within three months of the start of internet advertising.
The OK Homesellers website has led many interested clients to our website and has certainly been of great benefit to our marketing.  I unreservedly recommend your website and service as a proven way to find qualified buyers.
Thank you for your assistance

Norman Gardner

Just writing this to let you know that we have SOLD.... We actually sold 2 days after our listing went on your site.  A man from Alberta saw the listing on your website and he came down 2 days later and put an offer on the house.  All conditions were removed yesterday.
I knew that your site would help us get the job done.  Again thank you for this great site and we will definitely be using it again in the future.
Thank you...

Debbie and Anthony Bastiaanssen

Dear Okanagan Homeseller.
I am writing to thank you for your wonderful Homeseller Site.
I placed my building on your site a little over a month ago.  Within 3 days I had a number of serious enquiries.  Within the first week, I had shown it to 4 different couples, all of whom were from out of town.  2 were form Calgary and the others from Vancouver and Revelstoke.  Having an ad reach so many places made this possible.
I had a very generous offer within the first week, which I accepted.  Unfortunatly the financing did not work out, so I showed it one more time to a gentleman who had seen my building while surfing the web in England.
He came over to B.C. and had a print out of my building in his hand when I met him to show the building!!
Within a week, we had settled on a figure, very close to the asking price, and before he returned to the U.K., had all the legal work taken care of, leaving only the transfer of funds to complete the deal.
After returning to England, all was finished up, and he became the proud owner of a beautiful piece of Real Estate here in the sunny Okanagan!
My total costs involved just $300 for my ad, and $400 for my Notary!!  No Realtors = no hassles!!
Thank you for this awesome service, you saved me several thousands of dollars, and empowered me to take my business dealings into my own hands, realizing that it really is not a difficult task at all.

All the Best to You,

Liz Rawnsley

Dear Craig and Mary
Having our house listed on the internet drew in a clientele that was suited to our home.  Reto and I were thrilled with the response that we received by advertising with OKhomeseller, the pictures taken of the interior were so effective and influential to selling our house so quickly.  As Reto and I are both in the service industry we will highly recommend OKhomeseller to others.

Sincerely Reto and Donna Wandeler

You can put a sold sign on our listing.  The deal went thru today, and all subjects are now removed.  You've got a great website, and if you ever need any endorsements, let me know, I'd be more than happy to sing your praises.  You are a top notch professional, and I don't know why in today's market anyone would use a realtor when they could use your business and save themselves thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

Thanks again, Kim Jackson

We sold in 3 weeks and got our full price!   The first call came one hour after going online, the call was from from San Jose, California!  At first we thought it was a joke, it wasn't.  We had calls from people in Alberta, Sask, Idaho, Yemen, all over.  Cost to advertise with OKhomesellers was under 300 dollars, real estate commissions would have been well over 10,000 dollars.  The caller from San Jose bought our house.

Nelson and Sandra Burrows
Killiney Beach

Dear Craig, my home at XXX Welke Road, Kelowna has sold.  Hooray!! This site works really well.
Thank you for your help when I first contacted you.

Sincerely, Ursula Clair

Hello Craig
The house is sold.  Thanks a lot for your help over the past few weeks. Using OKhomesellers has worked for us.
We had a real estate agent drop in on Sunday and he was telling me why I should use him because it would be hard for us on our own to make a sale.  It was sold about an hour after he left.
All the best Craig,

Bill Mc Master

Hello from the Shuswap.  I would just like to let you know that the house has sold. People from the coast saw your site and our house.  I would like to thank you for your work and had many calls from people who saw the ad.  Thanks again.

Larry and Val

Thanks to your professional presentation of our home on your website, your signage and your tips on buying and selling a home, we sold our home in two weeks.  We were 100% satisfied with the price.  Negotiations went completely smoothly and were far less complicated than Realtor involved negotiations.
Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference to promote your service!!

Ian & Veronica

Dear Craig,
Am pleased to say that your service brought our buyer from England.  We had a lot of interest locally, but your web site did bring in the out of towners.
You can take her off now.

Antony Hutton

OKHomeseller was a crucial part of marketing our home ourselves.  Our out-of-town buyers first found our house through the website.  Thanks OKHomeseller!

Rick & Sheri Greeno

Dear Craig and Mary
Just a note to let you know that I have sold my home.  The OKhomeseller.com site worked really well, in fact I received my first call within 20 minutes of it being posted on line and sold it within a week.  I had people calling daily, both locally and from the Coast and Alberta.  The site was well-managed, convenient to use and attractive - I'd have no hesitation in using it again.
Thank you as well for the friendly, courteous service.

Deeny Grazier

Hi Craig
Well I am emailing you to let you know the good news.. I SOLD MY HOUSE... I actually got the offer on the very 1st day that it came off as a new listing,.. cool hey!
Anyway will you please put a sold sign on my ad as it finalized today and thanks for you help.
PS I sold it to a lady that lives in Montreal so the advertising really paid off.

Rhonda Werry

SOLD, Thank you so much it was too easy.


Thankyou very much, we received a lot of genuine interest in our property because of our advertisement with you.  We have now sold our property & wish you to mark it sold on your site.

Thanks again, Beverley & Ed Forde

Hi Craig, Wow it was only 7 Days ! when we got the first offer over the phone for our home after listing on line.  We got a verbal agreement from the people, wrote a contract with basic subjects, and in less than 2 weeks all subjects were removed and we are both moving before the end of the month.  That was FAST.  Thank you again for all your help Craig, we would be sure to recommend you again.

Thank you from Happy Sellers

We are just wanting to inform you that we have sold our home effective July 31st.  We are very pleased with your services and it saved us a whole lot of $$
Thanks again!

Wally & Hilary Klassen
Salmon Arm

Mary and Craig
Recently we put our house for sale on Okhomesellers.com.  It went on your site on a Sunday evening and Monday morning I received a call from a gentleman in Alberta.  He came to Vernon and viewed the house in the evening.  The next morning we received an offer.  To have someone watching your web site from that far away was very impressive.  I was also pleased with the quality of the photos posted.
In closing, I would like to thank-you for your professionalism and wouldn't hesitate to use your services again.

Harold Pugh

This was the best value for our money to market our home.  We had over 4000 hits on our okhomeseller listing in 2 months and most people that came to view it had seen it on this website.  The house sold to a couple that was able to view our home from Manitoba.  I would highly recommend this as a method to market your home 'For Sale by Owner' and would definitely use this service again.

A happy seller

Hi Craig & Mary! Well, we did it!   We received an offer to purchase our home last Friday night from a family in Surrey.  They came down again today and removed the final 'subjects'.  It's official. We've sold!!!
Thank you so much for providing such a terrific venue to assist selling by owner.  It was a terrific experience - one we wouldn't hesitate to do on our own again!
Okhomesellers.com was an invaluable tool and service to market in a professional and competent manner.  We had calls from folks from all over western Canada - both from your website as well as the road signage.  Reasonably priced - outstanding marketing tool!  Well done!!!!

All the best, Donna & Dave Willms

Hi Craig,
    We just wanted to let you know that we've sold our home!!!  So could you change the status of our home to "SOLD".
    Thanks so much for helping us advertise our home on your website and for being so prompt with everything.  We both agree that your service was great, and professional.  thanks again.

Dana & Carrie Nordstrom

Hi---just a quick note to let you know our home is sold.
Thanks in large part to your great pictures!!

Many thanks from the Fletchers

Thank you for your wonderful website.  I have been overwhelmed by the response that we have received regarding our home.
    We have SOLD our home as of September 22, 03 so you can now put a sold sign on the Website.
Thank you again!

Sincerely, Charity Van Gameren

Hi Craig -
It appears that my home has sold! Even amid all the smoke & flame, things were still happening in the real estate market.  Feel free to mark "sold" beside my listing (tomorrow's the actual closing date, so I feel pretty confident in telling you to do that).
Thanks for your help --- your website is very professional, the photos were great, and the signs pulled in a lot of drive-bys.

Barb Donaldson

Just writing to let you know that our house on XXX Grouse Road has sold.  We accepted an offer on the first day and the conditions have just been removed.  Your website offers more pictures and information than the MLS site and we are amazed at the amount of calls we received regarding interest in our home.  It was great doing business with you and we will definitely look to using your site in the future.  Thanks so much.

Alitia and Tao Farrell

We sold our home within 6 weeks of listing at OK Homeseller.com.  We appreciated the integrity inherent in being able to show our own home the way we were most comfortable.  It enabled us to provide first-hand, relevant details to prospective buyers.  The listing procedure was simple, the price nominal, and the administrators generous.  We had inquiries from as far abroad as Ireland.  We would sincerely recommend your service to others wishing to sell their homes.

Teresa and Greg Thompson

Thanks to OK Homesellers.com our home sold in under 3 weeks.  I found them to be friendly, professional, accommodating and very reasonably priced.  The couple who bought our home showed up with the print-out of our ad in hand, I would definitely use OKHomesellers.com in the future.

Sincerely Bonnie Robertson
Salmon Arm

Hi, our home has been sold, thank you for an easy way to sell our home the response to our ad was great, had calls from across the country.

Thanks again Linda and Dave Horsham

My husband and I decided to list our home on Okhomeseller.com as an alternative to using the services of a real estate agent.
The process was simple and quick and we applaud Craig's professional photography and attentive service!  The proof is in the results: we sold our home in 4 days!!!
During the 11 days that our home was on Okhomeseller.com and their sign was displayed on our lawn we received 14 inquires from interested parties who had viewed our home on the site.
We would recommend this service to anyone who would like to try selling their home on their own.

Sincerely, Vikki and Louis Drummond

Mary - We have accepted an offer and have received the deposit at the lawyers.  I would assume that it is safe to list our home as SOLD.  Thank you for your help we couldn't have done it without OKHOMESELLERS.COM!

Deb Jones

We didn't know what to expect when we listed our home on OkHomeseller.  Two of our friends had used the service and had both sold their homes very quickly, so we were hoping for the same results.  We had no idea how fast we would get those results.  No less than 4 calls in the first 24 hours, 9 calls in the first week, and sold the house in less than 7 days.  We had calls and e-mails from all over BC, and one from Alberta.  The service was excellent, and the results were even better than expected.  We sold our home for full price and saved over $14,000 in commissions.  We're still in shock at how fast our home sold.... Thank you!!!!

Craig and Lori Jeffers

...These are just some of our happy customers...

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