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More Details on the Listing Process and Charges


  • Prices are a one-time charge, not a monthly charge.  There is no commission or any additional charge when you sell.
  • All of the OKHomeseller packages are "good until you sell" or you tell us to take it off.   (We do not offer short term packages for a lower price.)
  • There is no charge for changes to your listing.  You can change the price (up or down), descriptions, etc - all at no additional charge. 
  • You are able to turn your listing off and on as you need to - at no additional charge.
  • We also include one set of photo changes (your photos) at no additional charge.

Flat Fee REALTOR.ca Option

  • A Flat Fee REALTOR.ca listing is optional and is an additional charge - over and above the OKHomeseler package.
  • The rules and restrictions for the Flat Fee REALTOR.ca Option are different than the rules and restrictions for the OKHomeseller packages.
  • Visit this page Flat Fee REALTOR.ca Option for more information.

Listing Information Form

  • When you fill out and submit the Listing Information Form you will immediately receive a confirmation email with all of the information you entered.  We will also send you a second email letting you know what to do next.  Note that you cannot attach your photos to the Listing Information Form.
  • No credit card information is required when filling in the form, we will make arrangements for payment later.
  • We review and format the form information describing your property.

Package Details

  • For the Photo Tour package we will set up an appointment to take digital photos of your home. When we do the photos we prepare a description to go with each photo, you can change the photo descriptions if you wish.
  • For the Econo package you provide up to five photos.  You can email us the photos (in jpeg format). You will also need to write a short description (one or two sentences) to go with each photo.
  • Note that you can add up to four additional photos to the five included in the Econo Package for a cost of 10.00 (+tax) for each additional photo.
  • For sellers that already have a web site created for their property we can insert a "hot" link to your website.

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